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May 6, 2019 • 3min read • PCCD Office

The Art And Science Of A Smile Makeover

I think you’ll agree that a smile makeover is one of the most demanded and exciting dental treatments today. Most people are able and willing to spend to improve their facial appearance especially the key feature of enhancing the smile.

A pleasing, attractive and dazzling smile can be attributed to the occlusal plane, the harmony of color, contour, size, incisal edges, and midline with the patient’s facial features. These are the components that make up a wonderful smile. Often, this harmony can be created by treating merely the four front teeth or incisors, the key players in the smile zone.

How Do Cosmetic Dentists Even Perform A Smile Makeover?

First off, PCCD will evaluate your smile and create a customized treatment plan to improve the condition of your smile. A typical patient’s treatment plan will consist of a mix of services you’ll need to fix your smile problems. In both the esthetic as well as restorative aspects of dentistry, the dental practitioner is responsible for the patient’s functional and appearance-related needs. However, successful treatment planning first involves taking heed to the patient’s desires and concerns such as color, shape, or tooth position. Standard services for smile makeovers include tooth bonding, dental veneers, dental bleaching, orthodontics, and much more. However the focus of today’s article is on dental veneers and how the process works, so that’s what we’ll talk about next.

There are two methods to veneer teeth.

Prepless veneering involves minimal or no reduction to the tooth surface prior to the veneer placement.
Traditional veneering involves reduction of about .5mm of the tooth surface and edge for strength.

Both methods deliver a beautiful result, and take only a couple of dental visits. Each case is different, and only certain cases are suitable for prepless techniques. PCCD has the unique approach of designing the shapes and positions of the desired outcome directly onto the teeth with sculpting resins. This prototype is then duplicated into a temporary set of veneers that the patient wears while awaiting the porcelain veneers from the laboratory.

Unlike At PCCD, Most Dentists Do Not Design The Case Themselves, And Rely Only Upon Their Laboratory.

The advantage PCCD provides is that he can create and share our “vision” of the desired outcome directly to the teeth which the patient then lives with and uses for a few weeks. This allows the patient to give their important feedback on any changes they might like to the design, allowing us to achieve a beautiful new smile that the patient “pre-approves”! The correct shade of white will be chosen for the veneers during this same visit. It is even possible to enhance the appearance of the surrounding teeth by choosing a slightly lighter color for the veneers. Here’s a side note: if you are interested in teeth whitening, your cosmetic dentist may want you to bleach your teeth before getting veneers so that we can match the veneer properly.

PCCD Also Has The Advantage Of Owning His Own Dental Laboratory.

He has spent years training his laboratory technicians on the art of making beautiful, natural looking porcelains. They are truly masters! They study the photos and prototype models that PCCD has uniquely created for each case, faithfully reproducing the design into long lasting, perfect fitting, beautiful porcelain restorations.

After as little as two to four weeks, the case arrives back to the dental clinic. The fitting visit involves removing the temporary veneers, and ensuring that the new porcelain veneers fit perfectly. The patient is allowed to see the veneers placed in the mouth, prior to final cementation. Patient satisfaction is always priority one! Once approved, the veneers are bonded in place, ready for years of beautiful smiles and strong healthy teeth.

All In All, Veneers Are An Excellent Way To Restore And Provide Excellent Aesthetics.

They can correct discolored, chipped, gapped, short, and even crooked teeth in as little as two visits. They will provide many years of service, sometimes even decades of trouble free use!

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