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September 21, 2020 • 1min read • PCCD Office

How Your Teeth Can Cause Your Sinuses To Hurt

While the sinuses can cause the teeth to hurt, the teeth can also cause the sinuses to hurt. Therefore, the teeth and sinuses often exchange the signals that lead to pain and discomfort. To understand how the teeth can cause the sinuses to hurt, you have to understand about the anatomy of the sinuses.

Learning More About The Sinuses

Sinuses represent nasal cavities that contain small hairs called cilia. The cilia in the sinuses move the flow of air and filter the bacteria. Sinuses in the skull include the frontal sinuses, the sphenoid sinus, the ethmoid sinuses, and maxillary sinuses. The frontal sinuses are situated above the eyebrows in the bone that creates the forehead. Maxillary sinuses are located behind the cheekbones. The maxillary sinuses are shaped like a pyramid, and represent the largest sinuses in the head.

How A Sinus Infection Can Lead To Dental Pain

According to one article in the British Dental Journal, sinus pain is often felt in the maxillary sinus, or behind the face. The gums, teeth, and sinuses share the same nerves that send pain signals to the brain. If you have a sinus infection, the swollen tissues of the sinuses can press on pain-transmitting nerves, thereby causing pain to be felt in both the sinuses and teeth. Whether a tooth is infected, or the sinuses appear swollen, pain can be produced, going in both directions.

If you feel that your current dental pain is actually sinusitis, you need to have it checked – just to make sure. Call our office today to determine the exact source of your pain. You may have a cavity or you may have a sinus infection. Find out why your teeth hurt or you have facial pain and pressure. Book an appointment with us today. The more you know about the sinuses and teeth, the easier it will be to track the causes of dental or sinus pain.

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August 24, 2020 • 1 min read • pccd-office

How To Properly Care For Dental Bonding

A conservative and aesthetic restoration, dental bonding enables you to have a healthy looking and natural smile – one that is as affordable as it is aesthetic. If you have been considering this type of procedure, the following details will give you further insight on what to expect and how to care for bonded teeth.… Continue reading How Your Teeth Can Cause Your Sinuses To Hurt

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