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September 21, 2020 • 1min read • PCCD Office

How To Stop Bad Dental Habits At An Early Age

Once you establish a bad habit, it can be incredibly difficult to break it. As an adult, you may recognize a bad habit, but still struggle with changing your actions. As a child, it can be even more difficult. Some children may not fully understand why their bad habits are bad. Others may not care. Combating bad dental habits in children can be difficult because of both reasons. Some kids don’t realize what poor dental habits can lead to, while others may feel as if it doesn’t matter what happens later. If your children aren’t brushing and flossing correctly, here are a few things you can do to break these bad habits.

Model Good Oral Hygiene

Kids aren’t going to want to brush and floss if they know you don’t, so it’s important that you model the behaviors you want them to follow. Take the time to invest in your own oral health. Brush twice a day and floss at least once, and let your kids know this is something you find important. For young children, making brushing a family event can help. It shows them that you brush, too, and it gives them behavior to follow. You can show them how you brush and floss, which may help them learn the correct way to brush.

Teach Them

No one is born knowing how to take care of their teeth. Even if you brush with your kids, they may not fully understand what they need to do. Take the time to teach them how to brush and floss, and take the time to watch how they do these activities.

Make Us A Part Of Their Lives

Yes, children are often afraid of the big, scary dentist, but if they start seeing us at a young age, that fear won’t be nearly as bad. If they grow up knowing that visiting us every six months for a checkup and cleaning is normal, they will be much more likely to continue the tradition into adulthood.

Call today to make an appointment for your child if you don’t already have one. We’ll help them overcome any bad dental habits they’ve developed and ensure they get only the best oral care.

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September 21, 2020 • 1 min read • pccd-office

How Your Teeth Can Cause Your Sinuses To Hurt

While the sinuses can cause the teeth to hurt, the teeth can also cause the sinuses to hurt. Therefore, the teeth and sinuses often exchange the signals that lead to pain and discomfort. To understand how the teeth can cause the sinuses to hurt, you have to understand about the anatomy of the sinuses. Learning… Continue reading How To Stop Bad Dental Habits At An Early Age

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