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March 30, 2020 • 1min read • PCCD Office

How Exercise Can Affect Your Oral Health

The effects of having a regular exercise routine have benefits beyond your physical body, and exercise can actually keep your mouth healthy.

Those who exercise lower their risk for gum disease – this is good news because gum disease can cause more issues throughout your entire body as well as your oral health. Just a few include bad breath, painful gums, loss of teeth, even strokes, heart attacks, and even some cancers.

There are, however, some possible health concerns when it comes to your oral health and exercise. So, you want to be aware of those during your exercise regimen. There are generally just two major concerns, and those are sports drinks and mouth breathing.

Exercise Can Lead To Issues You Need To Pay Attention To

Let’s take a closer look at how these two can affect your oral health due to exercise. Heavy breathing is good for your body in terms of exercise, but, the heavy breathing is also what can sometimes cause and contribute to your possible tooth decay or even cavities. The reason for this is when people breath heavy they tend to breath with their mouth open. When your mouth is open it lessens the amount of saliva that you produce and causes dry mouth. This dry mouth, then is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and then cause the decay.

The other area of concern is sports drinks. While it is true, they do have their benefits, sports drinks are also packed with damaging ingredients. They do a great job helping you to recover from your exercise routine, but the sugar and acid contain within them are disastrous for your teeth as they cause decay.

So, just have a talk with us about your teeth, oral health and your exercise routine to ensure that you maximize the benefits and reduce the concerns, so you can have a win-win situation with your exercise routine.

If you are having concerns about your exercise regimen and any negative affects it, may be having on your oral health, please call our office. We will schedule you an appointment and we will discuss your concerns and work closely with you to find the solution that will work best for you.

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