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June 16, 2023 • 1min read • PCCD

Be Wise About Your Wisdom Teeth

Be Wise About Your Wisdom Teeth, Los Altos

Hi, I’m Doctor Mariana Shile, and today we will be discussing the often misunderstood subject of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are sometimes called the third molars because they are even farther back in the mouth than the two sets of regular molars we all have. These four teeth usually erupt when a person is eighteen or nineteen.

Many dentists recommend that wisdom teeth be removed to prevent misplacement in the mouth.

If a wisdom tooth doesn’t fully erupt, it may cause an opening in the gums that can attract bacteria and become infected. Some wisdom teeth are so misplaced that they can actually cause problems with the jaw bone. Both of these conditions can cause severe pain.

If you are in the Bay area and are wondering if your wisdom teeth need to be removed, call us today at  to schedule an appointment. We can assess the condition and placement of your wisdom teeth and discuss a treatment plan.

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June 16, 2023 • 1 min read • pm-blogger

Be Wise About Your Wisdom Teeth