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March 8, 2024 • 2min read • Brent Hicken

Are There Possible Dental Implant Complications in Los Altos?

risks of dental implants California

If you’ve visited our blog before, you have read about the merits of dental implant procedures. That’s because they are an amazing replacement for missing teeth and have been used successfully in the Los Altos area for over 30 years. At Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, close to 98% of our implant placements are successful. But like any medical or dental procedure, there are risks. In today’s article, we will explore the possible complications of a dental implant.


Any surgical procedure poses an infection risk. That’s why we often prescribe an antibiotic before implant surgery.

How to protect against infection:

Beginning the second-day post-surgery, a dental implant recipient should rinse with a salt water solution. This helps prevent infection while the implant site is healing. The patient should continue normal daily dental hygiene and start brushing and flossing the implant as soon as their dentist recommends. If an infection develops weeks after the surgery, another course of antibiotics usually takes care of it.

Slow healing

A patient is more likely to experience slow healing if they have another medical condition. Possible conditions include severe gum disease, diabetes, cancer, alcoholism, or poor circulation due to smoking. Dentist Field takes preexisting conditions into account when advising potential implant recipients.

Sinus problems

Upper implants are placed very close to the floor of the sinus. Because of the physical proximity, an implant can perforate the floor of the sinus cavity. This is so rare, that most implant dentists have never had a patient experience it. One such case was documented by the International Journal of Implant Dentistry. An implant recipient experienced obstructed nasal airflow. It was discovered that the implant had broken through the nasal floor. The tooth implant patient underwent surgery to repair it. The surgery was successful and the patient was able to retain the implant.

Implant failure

If an implant fails to mesh with the surrounding bone, it is usually due to insufficient blood supply. Teeth grinding, smoking, and the medical conditions discussed previously can impair blood circulation.

Nerve damage

Nerve damage takes place in a very small percentage of implant procedures. Patients may have pain, tingling, or numbness at the implant site.

Let’s discuss your concerns

Are you considering but worried about the risks? We invite you to set up a consultation to discuss your concerns.


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Are There Possible Dental Implant Complications in Los Altos?