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June 22, 2020 • 1min read • PCCD Office

What Acid Does To Damage Your Gum Tissues

There are all sorts of things that we eat, chew, and consume that do untold damage to our teeth and gums. From sugary foods to chewing on foreign objects like pencils and pens and drinking too many acidic drinks can all have different and lasting effects on our mouths. But what we would like to focus on specifically today is how acid can have a negative impact on the tissue of your gums, as well as your overall oral health.

It Breeds Bacteria And Causes Plaque

When we consume too much acid in our diet, usually from fruit or fruit juice, as well as acidic soda’s and other beverages, it can cause significant issues with our teeth and gums. Particularly, because it helps to encourage and facilitate the growth and spread of bacteria, it starts off by producing mild symptoms and conditions, but soon becomes much more problematic if the issues are not addressed at a certified dental clinic with qualified professionals.

It Irritates And Inflames Gums

Once the bacteria have spread and begun to deposit themselves at the base of the teeth where the gum line and tooth meet, it really begins to cause a lot of problems. The gums become irritated and produce an unpleasant sensation of feeling itchy or burning. This can lead to more severe issues such as swelling and even bleeding. This is the body’s attempt to fight the growing infection, but unless dealt with by a trained oral health practitioner the problems will only continue to get worse.

We encourage our readers to have any issues that they may be experiencing looked at immediately before they have the time to develop into major dental conditions such as advanced gum disease. Just come by and visit our facilities to have an exam performed as soon as possible.

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June 8, 2020 • 2 min read • pccd-office

What Do You Lose When You’re Missing Teeth?

Your teeth are strong and perform some different essential functions every single day. Taking proper care of your teeth is imperative to ensure that your teeth remain strong and healthy. Ignoring your oral care routine, whether you occasionally skip a brushing session here and there, forgo flossing, or miss out on your regular dental cleanings… Continue reading What Acid Does To Damage Your Gum Tissues

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