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February 20, 2020 • 1min read • PCCD Office

Toothbrushes Are Not Meant To Polish Your Teeth

Even though we have some of the most advanced and developed dental practices and information available in the world today, there are still a number of people who really don’t know a lot about some of the finer points of oral care.

In fact, there are some that aren’t even clear on many of the basics. Things such as how often to brush, how long to brush, and even how much toothpaste to use can be lost on some people. But what we would like to look at specifically today is how much pressure is the proper amount to use when brushing.

Bristles Shouldn’t Bend

What some folks don’t understand is that brushing your teeth is meant to clean them, not give them a polish and a buff. If you are using so much pressure when brushing that the bristles are bending, this is way too much. Not only are you scratching your enamel and harming your teeth, you are also causing little microscopic abrasions on your gums that can lead to infection.

Soft And Steady Is The Key

The proper way to brush is to use soft but firm strokes. They should be circular as well, going from the gum line to the entire tooth on both the upper and lowers jaws. Two minutes each time and two to three times per day is the proper frequency. Additionally, brushing right after eating is also not recommended, as this can cause just as much damage as brushing too hard.

To learn more about the correct habits to practice in regards to maintaining your oral health, please contact our office and ask to speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff. They would be glad to help explain the proper methods of dental care and hygiene.

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